Executive Coaching Services

What is Executive Coaching?

Our Sydney Executive Coaching Services

An executive coach acts as a sounding board, challenges thinking, stimulates creativity, provides tools and techniques for dealing with challenging situations, gives encouragement and builds confidence. The coach has unconditional positive regard for the coachee, has no agenda other than the coachee’s and is always on the coachee’s side. Together with good rapport, this builds a coaching relationship based on trust.

As a result of the coaching experience, coachees develop their potential and apply it productively in the workplace and their lives. The more they practise their new skills and behaviours, the better they become. Experience shows that coachees tackle bigger challenges with more confidence and skill – a win for both them and their organisations.

Longer term executive coaching is focused on dealing with underlying beliefs and assumptions that no longer serve the coachee. These negative beliefs often lead to self defeating behaviours with less than desirable outcomes. The executive coach works with the coachee’s mindsets and behaviours to set them up for ongoing success.

Executive coaching – is it for me?

For aspiring leaders, executives and senior managers, executive coaching is for you if you want to progress at work but not sure how, or you want to be an even more effective leader or improve your workplace performance. Executive coaching is for you if you want more out of your career.

  • Like to develop your management and/or leadership skills?
  • Want someone to be your mentor/coach as your progress?
  • Like to get ahead in your career faster than you are now?
  • Want to become a leader but not sure how to get there?

Executive coaching could be for you if you would like to:

  • Manage and lead in times of change and ambiguity
  • Climb the corporate ladder with integrity
  • Become an even more effective leader so that people want to follow
  • Delegate more effectively and enhance time management
  • Inspire others to achieve their potential
  • Manage poor performance
  • Improve your coaching skills to develop and empower others
  • Create and align a great team
  • Enhance personal and organisational productivity
  • Understand and value different personal styles
  • Manage and resolve conflict
  • Deal more effectively with difficult people and/or situations
  • Communicate more effectively and assertively
  • Overcome roadblocks, interpersonal issues or motivation issues to ensure your success as a leader …

Our career counselling services

Our executive coaching services

Our executive coaches, career counselors and life coaches will work with you so you can find your perfect job. We’ll ascertain your unique personal style, the best work environment, your interests, skills and strengths to achieve career satisfaction. As trained and professional career consultants, we will help you with short and long term career planning whether you want to start a career, improve a current one or make a complete career change.

Our life coaches can help people of all ages and stages of life who yearn for more but are struggling to do it alone.  Personal life coaching is for those who would benefit from a trusted life coach, confidante and mentor who will encourage and coach to encourage and help them achieve sought after goals.

Take advantage of our complimentary career development and life coaching session to determine whether coaching is for you.