Executive Coaching – How We Do It

Executive Coaching Sydney

We apply an integrated approach to coaching, bringing together a range of perspectives to explore specific coaching questions and issues with our clients. We draw on perspectives gained from leadership practices, psychology and coaching approaches and our extensive experience in coaching executives.

Clients are not committed to work with us for a certain number of sessions as everyone’s needs are different and we assess that on a session by session basis.

Executive coaching can be conducted face to face, via phone or video link and supported by email to suit the coachee’s agenda. Coaching sessions are of one to one and a half hour’s duration with no limit to the frequency of coaching meetings and calls.

We agree coaching goals and objectives early in the process so that the coachee is looking forward to an envisioned future, not back to what they might have done. Coachee’s agendas typically include how to meet short term goals, achieve long term aspirations, conquer today’s challenge, generate tomorrow’s strategic opportunity, manage their time in and out of work, do their current job better and prepare for their next role. Progress and achievement is reviewed periodically throughout the coaching period.

Different coachees in different situations have different needs and we tailor our approach accordingly. Sometimes we recommend that a coachee gain additional data to inform the coaching via feedback from colleagues or by using psychometric profiles. Our coachees usually ask us to obtain this on their behalf and we have a number of tools to draw upon.

For providing 360-degree feedback to coaching clients we use the Human Synergistics’ Leadership Styles Inventory, and The Leadership Circle Profile.

All of our coaching is confidential unless a third party is involved and then sharing of information may be negotiated on a case by case basis. All coachees’ data is totally secure with us.

What is Executive Coaching?

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Our executive coachescareer counselors and life coaches will work with you so you can find your perfect job. We’ll ascertain your unique personal style, the best work environment, your interests, skills and strengths to achieve career satisfaction. As trained and professional career consultants, we will help you with short and long term career planning whether you want to start a career, improve a current one or make a complete career change.

Take advantage of our complimentary career development and life coaching session to determine whether coaching is for you.