Our Career Counselling & Coaching Programs

Are you unhappy with your job?
Would you like to switch to a truly satisfying career?

Is career coaching for you?

Career counselling is for you, at any stage of your career, if you are unhappy in your current job and would like to discover your personal style, strengths, skills and interests and match them to the market place so that you end up with a truly satisfying role. Career counselling is also for you if you are a school or university leaver and don’t know which career direction to take. You may be deciding between courses or careers and aren’t sure which path will suit you best.

Your perfect career

We will work with you to help you find your unique personal style, the best work environment, your interests, skills and strengths for that perfect career. As trained and professional career consultants, we will help you with short and long term career planning whether you want to start a career, improve a current one or make a complete career change.

Who can benefit from our coaching services?

You will benefit from our services if you are:

  • A school or university student or leaver who isn’t sure which course or career to pursue
  • Someone who is unhappy in your current career and know you are capable of more
  • Curious about other career options you may never have considered
  • Facing redundancy and looking at new career or self-employment options
  • Considering a career change but have no idea about the what or how
  • Wanting to improve your job search skills, including tapping the hidden job market, networking, your resume, interview skills and LinkedIn profile

We provide career counselling and guidance throughout Australia via Skype and telephone and in person at Neutral Bay on Sydney’s North Shore.  


Our Career Change Program

Or The Career Starters Program for School and University Students and Graduates

This program is suitable for anyone who is uncertain of which career direction to take, whatever stage you are in your career and whatever age you are.

Step 1 – Online Career Assessment

To help you find the right career direction, we will assess your strengths, career values, interests, skills and career personality and the kind of work environments in which you will flourish. This provides an understanding of the types of careers, industries and work environments that suit you and bring out your best and make you happy. Your career assessment include these two profiles: CAREER INTEREST PROFILER : The Career Interests Profiler assesses your level of interest in a variety of activities, industries and occupations to determine the careers and areas of study you are most likely to enjoy and find satisfying. This career profiler is based on five years of research and contains an extensive database of more than 500 careers and courses. Duration: Approximately 20 minutes.


Career Personality Profiler

The Career Personality Profiler is based on the psychological theory of personality types described by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung in association with Isobel Myers. It assesses four aspects of personality based on the following scales: Informer – Reflector; Producer – Creator; Analyser – Helper and Planner – Adapter. Duration: Approximately 10 minutes.


* With this program, we also provide a Skills Assessment or Aptitude Test.

Step 2 – Career Consultation (Face to Face or by Phone or Skype)

When you have completed the two online assessments and a skills assessment, your career consultant will set a time with you to go through your reports and you will:

  • Discover the careers that best suit your strengths, interests, values, skills and personality
  • Explore your career options and get help identifying a career that best suits you
  • Learn how to conduct deeper research into areas of career interest
  • Develop an action plan to help you on your path to a rewarding career.

You will receive a copy of both of your assessment reports and your action plan to keep. Your career consultant is with you after this initial session to support you through the next phase by being available for free brief phone calls or emails. You are not left to do it alone. You may also like to book in for further sessions for career decision-making, change management and assistance with job seeking, including resumes, tapping the hidden job market, networking, interview skills and LinkedIn profiles.


More information about our career counselling services

Our career counsellorsexecutive coaches and life coaches will work with you so you can find your perfect job. We’ll ascertain your unique personal style, the best work environment, your interests, skills and strengths to achieve career satisfaction. As trained and professional career consultants, we will help you with short and long term career planning whether you want to start a career, improve a current one or make a complete career change. Our life coaches can help people of all ages and stages of life who yearn for more but are struggling to do it alone.  Personal life coaching is for those who would benefit from a trusted life coach, confidante and mentor who will encourage and coach them and help them achieve sought after goals.

Take advantage of our complimentary career development and life coaching session to determine whether coaching is for you.