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career advisor

Tina was an awesome coach, very easy to work with, very receptive to my input on what I needed, and I almost felt like I was co-designing the program with her. She asks all the right questions and brings with her a wealth of knowledge on how to do better not just as a professional, but as an individual. This period of coaching has been helpful to me not just in putting my best foot forward in the job search, but also in identifying other areas of growth that I can focus on. I can’t think of a better person to take you along on this journey. (Outplacement Program.)
P.A. Sydney

career advisor

My experience working with Tina was truly exceptional. From the initial consultation, Tina provided me with insights, guidance and resources that not only helped me to quickly find a new position, but that will also aid my future career development.

Throughout the coaching process, Tina was always available to answer my questions, provide feedback, and offer support. What I appreciated most about Tina was her genuine passion for helping people succeed. She truly cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to help them achieve their goals. I would highly recommend Tina to anyone looking for a career coach who is knowledgeable, supportive, and truly invested in her clients’ success.

career advisor

Tina’s Outplacement program and executive coaching provided a step by step framework to navigate a change in career path. Tina’s sessions were highly interactive and focused on behaviours and actions that would make a real difference. I found the discussions and exercises really beneficial in identifying and promoting my strengths and capabilities at this transitional stage of my career. Tina has a personable, knowledgeable and insightful approach that meant she could tailor everything to suit my needs and situation.
T.H., Sydney

career advisor

I reached out to Tina a few months ago, at a time when I was very unsure of what I wanted my career path to look like. Tina was very calm, insightful and analytical. She was able to use her extensive knowledge, experience and job/personality questionnaires to not only look at what suited me but work through practical solutions and my limits. Tina was able to lay things out in a way that just made sense.
I now know what I want to do, have a plan for my career, goals and steps to achieve those goals.Tina is 100% worth the wait. (Career Change Program).

Ellena Svetlov, Sydney

career advisor
Tina helped me with the CV review, elevator pitch, LinkedIn Profile and Interview Skills. Tina has a natural flair for formatting impactful sentences which draw attention, this reflects on the way she transforms CVs to effectively communicate the candidate’s strengths and skills. (Job Finders Program).
The interview skills session I had with Tina with custom responses to suit my expertise and the mock interview session truly helped me in preparing ahead and performing confidently at the interview.
Lucky to have met a person genuinely interested in making me a better version of myself.
Thanks for being there, Tina.
Mahinoor Shaik, Sydney

career advisor

I cannot thank Tina enough and highly recommend her! From the moment I spoke to her on the phone, I knew she was just what I needed. She is efficient, a professional, very responsive and an absolute expert in her area of expertise, Career Counselling and Coaching. I was so excited to meet her face to face and the time I had with her was very valuable and provided me instantly with the answers I’d been searching for years. I have plenty of fantastic opportunities to explore as I turn the page on the next chapter of my career and I am so grateful for her guidance, support and expertise. (Career Change Program)

Bianca Kellie, Sydney

career advisor

Tina is a very talented and knowledgeable coach. She makes you feel comfortable from the start. I learned so much about myself and the new career direction I wanted to go from just having one appointment with Tina.(The Career Change Program.) I have been so happy with everything. I think she is an expert in her field. I highly recommend Tina as a career coach.


career advisor

I’m a freelance graphic designer who has always felt a bit awkward when discussing my skills and abilities in a confident manner. Tina really helped me to be clearer and to comfortably emphasise my experience and talent potential to employers. The sessions also helped me understand all the different tools of outreach and networking available to me and how to best utilise them.

Julian Houtzaager

career advisor

I was at a crossroads in my career and was looking for practical and sound advice. When searching I came across Tina. She has been very professional but at the same time approachable. She listened to the challenges I had been going through and provided options. I liked the fact Tina provided guidance without telling me what to do, so I could make the choice which best suited me. Tina has been very generous with her time and more importantly follow up and checking-in which demonstrates she actually cares about her clients. I would highly recommend Tina.

M.C. Sydney

career advisor
I highly recommend Tina, whether you are starting your career, want to define career direction or change careers.

Tina’s approach to coaching is tailored to your individual needs, and her toolkit for your CV, LinkedIn profile, interviews, job seeking tools and personal branding are invaluable. (Job Finders Program).

Her programs are well structured and interactive, and the provision of additional weekly resources is very complimentary to your sessions, maximising facetime. Each session provides clear direction, learnings and progress.

Tina is warm, supportive, trustworthy and engaging as a person, and responsive, insightful and intuitive as a coach.

The guidance given and confidence gained from her coaching will prepare anyone to face the next stage in their career journey.

If you are in need of help, don’t hesitate to contact Tina and make fast and immeasurable change!

A.C., Sydney

career advisor

Tina’ s Job Finders Program turned my career life around. Not only did Tina help me to get the very competitive job I wanted, but she helped me regain my confidence and equipped me for future job seeking. Every component of the program has been very valuable. I’ve had my CV revised before, but what she did was much more than that, she gave me the skills to highlight my strengths in a way that is relevant for employers, she boosted my confidence in interviews, and equipped me to use LinkedIn as a tool for job seeking.  100% recommended.

M.J.H., Sydney

career advisor

I got more out of one session with you than I did with months of psychotherapy when I was in the depths of depression. Your suggestion that I read a book on assertiveness is perhaps the single best piece of (career) advice I’ve ever received. I don’t think I had realised I wasn’t assertive. I am now able to slow down my internal monologue and, crucially, clarify my thinking so I can assert myself better at work.

C.B., Sydney

career advisor

When I met Tina the first time to undertake the Job Finders Program, I was in a very dark place in my career.  Working through the different stages, Tina gave me the structure I needed to prepare for an interview and improved my interviews skills a hundredfold.  For the first time I was confident during the interview process, landing myself a fantastic opportunity.  The guidance and information she shared with me was priceless.

I highly recommend Tina – whether you’re just starting your career or like me have been in a career for 32 years.

From the bottom of my heart – thank you, thank you, thank you.

Leoni Brink, Sydney

career advisor

Tina’s approach to helping her clients find a career is insightful, interactive and highly effective. Her use of personality analysis tools, job matching questionnaires and Tina’s years of experience gives her clients a real sense of confidence and knowledge to explore new career paths previously unexplored. I highly recommend Tina and thank her for all her extra effort in assisting me in my change of career – one which I would have never have imagined!

James Wallace, Sydney

career advisor

My confidence was at an extreme low point when I met Tina.  I had resigned from an unfulfilling job resulting from a poorly considered career move.  Having difficulty transitioning my skills to a new industry, specifically optimising my resume and LinkedIn appropriately, I sought Tina’s assistance.  Not only was her advice well researched and tailored to me, her manner was supportive, intuitive and genuine.  She also went out of her way to provide interview guidance when time did not permit a one:one session to address this. I feel confident I have found a person I trust to provide sound, valuable and tailored career advice moving forward.  I cannot recommend Tina highly enough.

Mary T, Sydney

career advisor

With a genuine warmth and interest, Susie listened to my long and varied work and educational history. The questions asked, exercises and tests presented allowed me to reflect on what I have to offer professionally. Susie helped me develop a strong professional profile that makes sense of the best of my skills, knowledge and characteristics. The insights I gained will be of benefit to me whichever direction I take in my career.

 Cassie Ashe

career advisor

I found the Fast Track Job Finders Program to be an invaluable investment during my recent job search. I’ve not actively searched for a job for near on a decade and found the program to be a very well structured and thoughtful roadmap to navigate the current environment. Each section is crafted to cover a different area of the process and has given me confidence that I am doing everything I can to find the right job and represent myself well during the recruitment process. Susie is exceptional at what she does and seems to get genuine satisfaction out of leading me through the journey.

 Sean Richards

career advisor

My session with Tina has changed the course of my year. She helped me tap into what I’m suited to, what drives me, and who I really am in many ways. With her insight and valuable advice, I’ve focused my energies on creating a more suitable career for me. She’s given me the confidence to be bold, to listen to my inner voice and pursue my dreams. I would recommend Tina to anyone who needs to redefine where they are heading. She’s wise, empathetic, insightful, approachable and very encouraging. Thanks so much Tina.

Kiera Sinclair

career advisor

Things are going great after the doing your Career Counselling Program, Susie.
On the career profile it came up with PT and a medical scientist. At the beginning of the year I started studying Echo cardiology while also working full time and was half way through my PT course. I didn’t really enjoy my full time job or know if I should be studying. When I came to see you I had just stopped working full time and wasn’t sure about studying or if I had made the right decision not to work full time.
I am not working full time at the moment while I focus on my study. I will hopefully finish my PT course during my University break and will start looking for jobs in either field. I am loving both courses and finding them both very similar and really interesting.
The Career Counselling Program has been a great stepping stone and has re-enforced my decision to stop working and to continue with my study.
Thank you very much for you assistance and the clarity.

 Bec, Sydney

career advisor

I was in a bad place with my career, feeling that I had lost control and was very quickly being left behind by my peers. I no longer enjoyed my job, and could not see any future direction in my career, and that feeling was encroaching on my family life.
The session that I had with Susie has given me back a small feeling of control, and a plan to continue building on that feeling. Susie helped me step back and take a look at what I want from my career, not purely a job type but more importantly with respect to my values, which I feel I have surrendered in my current role.
Susie has left me feeling empowered, and although there is a lot of work required on my part to achieve the goal I have set for myself, I really do feel that what I will achieve in working towards that goal is more important than the goal itself, as it puts me back in control. And that feeling is priceless!

 Matt Cody

career advisor

Tina Monk has assisted me greatly over the past 5 years. She has been a sensitive, perceptive, warm, friendly and open facilitator. She has used her great depth of understanding, knowledge and experience in moving me forward. She has put a lot of energy, commitment and time into helping me realize my goals and future direction. With her gentle and intuitive skill she was able to coax the old encrusted ways of thinking out and replace them with new fresh approaches to life. She has proven to be genuinely interested in my progress towards a more satisfying existence.

 Grey Williams

career advisor

I see Tina for business coaching and have benefited tremendously from her advice. She has provided me with knowledge and ideas that can be directly applied to my business. Tina gives me tasks to do after each session and is always available between sessions if I need any help or to keep me on track. Tina is kind, understanding and professional. She has not only helped me improve my business but has worked on areas of my personality, such as confidence, that has benefited me in my business and helped me grow as a person.


career advisor

If you need a new direction in your life or career; if you need help with goal setting; and if you need guidance to reach your goals then you must see Tina Monk. I was in a career that I hated and doing a job that I didn’t understand. I felt flat with life in general. That was until I met Tina. She gave me the vision, confidence and reassurance which allowed me to change careers before I ultimately set up my own business. Three years down the track, my business is going from strength to strength and life is good. I would never have got this far without Tina.

 N.V., Sydney

career advisor

Tina worked with me to clarify my career goals and aptitudes. Through her training I understood that careers are fluid beasts, which require regular nurturing and evaluation.  Frequently she asked me “how do you feel about this?” an approach that clarified my decision-making and helped support me as I made some major career decisions. Tina’s support and guidance was invaluable and I highly recommend her to anyone needing or wanting to make a major career change.

Liza, Sydney

career advisor

Tina is amazing! Before my first session with Tina I was so dispirited about my job and my life in general. I was overwhelmed by what I perceived to be an insurmountable task of bringing about change into my life. I was of the attitude: “Better the devil you know”. But this was making me very unhappy. With Tina’s gentle guidance, she drew out of me a set of very real and achievable goals. I knew they were there but did not know how to go about doing anything about them. Tina always knows the right thing to say or the right thing to ask. She was honest with me when I wasn’t being honest about myself. I felt supported and encouraged throughout the process. Tina embraces the true meaning of “coach”! She helped me work out a step by step course of action to work towards each of my goals. She truly did coach me through the process, never telling me what to do, always encouraging me to come to my own decisions of what steps to take. Thank you so much Tina. Through working with you, I have rediscovered a sense of wonder in my life!

 Katinka Van Ingen, Sydney

career advisor

My time with Tina has been inspirational and it is with gratitude that I write this testimonial. It has not only been a journey towards a new career path for me, but has also been a journey within, a path of self-discovery I hadn’t anticipated. It has been a time for self-reflection and interestingly, has provided a much needed boost to my self-esteem and creativity.
My career focus has now been clarified and I have confidence and patience in finding the right direction at the right time and have revised my resume which is now ready to go. The ‘informational interviewing’ technique has been very helpful in guiding me through what to do and what not to do in possible career choices. Tina is sincere and thoughtful and has given my particular situation a heartfelt response for which I am most grateful. Thank you.

 Kate B, Sydney

career advisor

Tina has been a fantastic resource to draw upon both in terms of professional and personal development. Her programmes are tailored for individual needs. On a personal basis, this involves the analysis of current/past patterns of behaviours and communication skills. She then provides the tools we can use to bring about more effective change.
I found each session extremely valuable. The sessions were insightful and interactive. They opened my mind in so many different ways.
I highly recommend Tina to any organisation/individual. For any individual considering this or an organisation that truly values and wants to see the best in their staff – the benefits undoubtedly follow.


career advisor

Working with Tina was a valuable and productive experience that provided me with clearer insight, practical suggestions, and a broad variety of options and possible pathways. I found that Tina’s approach encouraged me to come up with my own ideas and take ownership for my development, whilst at the same time, her genuine warmth, ability to listen, and desire to help made it a pleasure to work with Tina. I was particularly impressed by the care and attention Tina took after our session to check in with me and continually offer her support and help. She is approachable, generous with her time and expertise, and I would not hesitate to recommend Tina to anyone seeking professional, dedicated and experienced career coaching.


career advisor

Tina Monk has worked with me personally as a coach since late 2001 and has also facilitated at an important workshop for my business CONNECTED MEDIA. Tina’s experience and understanding of the issues facing small business have been critical in moving this business forward. She also has a unique way of working with teams which brings out the best in them. She practices patience along with an ability to keep people on track of the important issues facing them and their business. I would recommend that anyone considering starting a small business, consult with Tina to ensure the best results.

 Claire Moffat, Principal of Connected Media

career advisor

Tina, I really valued our time together and appreciated your talents at coaching, listening and providing helpful and constructive solutions.

H.J., HR Coordinator, Property Development Industry

career advisor

I found the whole experience very enlightening and empowering I can’t thank Tina enough for her guidance and support.

J.M. Small business owner

career advisor

Since being coached by you I have put a number of strategies in place to enhance my relationship with staff. This has proved to be mutually rewarding. For staff members, they have a mechanism for minimising disturbances and providing constructive feedback. What I found particularly beneficial was to be able to step out of my shoes and analyse the issues from a different perspective. Coaching has allowed me to focus on the cause as opposed to reacting to the effects. Both myself and my staff have greatly benefited from your coaching.

 Mark Costello, Victorian Government

career advisor

Tina Monk is warm and engaging, she allows you room to grow and learn about yourself, while ensuring you stay focused on achieving your personal successes. Tina’s friendly and caring approach, helped me to sort through my current challenges and come to sound solutions, to deal with them. Tina empowers you to make your own decisions and to take control of your own success. My enthusiasm for what I was doing soared. Thanks Tina.

 Kellie Lowe, Project Manager, Spastic Centres of South Australia

career advisor

Tina Monk has been my life coach for the past year. I have found her coaching to be of immense benefit, particularly as I am currently learning to coach adolescents and young adults myself. Through regular coaching covering both business and personal development, Tina has taught me how to use my own resources to improve my life and to coach others effectively.

After just one hour with my coach, I found that the difficulties I was facing in starting a small business, faded into insignificance. In each session Tina gave me the encouragement and strategies to overcome the hurdles I was facing, redefine my purpose and move forward.
I find Tina’s coaching to be empowering as she draws on my own strengths and digs deep to find the answers that already reside in me. Everyone needs someone to believe in them, draw out their dreams and desires and create an environment where they can flourish. Not only is this what Tina has done for me, I also now have the privilege of creating this environment for others.
I highly recommend Tina Monk, Coach, to anyone who needs someone to cheer them on and equip them with the tools for success. Tina will help you discover the often hidden, internal resources you already have to flourish in every area of your life.

 Vanessa Hoyes, Principal, Vision for Life

career advisor

Tina Monk was assigned to me as my mentor through the Australian Women’s Business Network Mentor Program. Prior to meeting her I was unsure of what to expect and whether she would be able to assist me in achieving my business endeavours. I must say that within the first 5 minutes all my reservations disappeared. Tina is warm and sincere and made me feel relaxed and comfortable when discussing my fledgling business aspirations with her. Tina has provided me with invaluable advice and guidance, helping me to realise short and long term goals. She is a fantastic sounding board, listening intently and asking all the right questions enabling us to work towards pinpointing barriers, overcoming hurdles and ultimately solving problems that may be preventing my business from improving or expanding. Tina is always available for advice and is easily contactable. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tina to other small business owners and cannot express how invaluable her guidance has been to me.

 Rebecca Mitchell, RAM Marketing

career advisor

Tina’s Clients

Tina’s clients have included the following, both independently and with associates

Financial & Insurance Organisations
Bankers Trust
Challenger Financial Services
Colonial State Bank
GIO Australia
National Mutual
Securities Institute of Australia
SGE Credit Union
State Bank
State Superannuation Corporation
Westpac Bank

Information Technology
Citidata Ltd
The IT Group of Qantas Airlines

Other Industries
Australian Businesswomen’s Network
Australian College of Applied Psychology
AGSM ~ Public Courses in Career Development & Advanced Communication
Connected Media
Orica (formerly ICI Australia)
Public courses in Psychology & Counselling, Management, Advanced Communication, Assertiveness, Train the Trainer, Coaching Skills, and Career Development
Sydney Entertainment Centre
2Day FM
WorkLife Pty Ltd
The Growth Connection
Various Aged Care Centres
Brand Management
Claude Group
Kairros Health Management Professionals
Radiometer Pacific
Sydney Cricket Ground & Sports Trust
Thompson Grass Valley

Travel Industry
Qantas Business Services
Thomas Cook Ltd

Public Sector & Not for Profit Organisations
Audit Office of NSW
Australian Red Cross Blood Service
Community Services Commission
Crown Solicitor’s Office
Dept of Employment, Education & Training
Fairfield Hospital
NSW Dept. of Ageing, Disability & Home Care
NSW Dept of Sport & Recreation
NSW Department of State and Regional Development
NSW Fire Brigades
Office of State Revenue (NSW Treasury)
Premier’s Department of NSW
Royal Botanic Gardens
State Rail Authority
The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation
The Benevolent Society
University of NSW
Various Sydney City Councils