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Tina Monk

After living on a Greek island in my early 20s, I graduated with a good degree in the 1970s. It was a time of major strikes, economic turmoil, recession, and the ‘glittering prizes’ we had expected were not to be found. The streets of London were not paved with gold and my career dreams were shattered.

It was suggested that I go on to do a Ph.D. and I was accepted to do this at a Welsh University. Academia was not for me though as my career prospects would be limited by such a rigid specialisation.

I obtained a research position at BUPA, a private medical health insurance and health-testing organisation in London. This was a temporary assignment and I left to migrate to Australia in 1980 for more adventure.

The adventure took me from Sydney to Hobart, and not in a boat race, to Newcastle and back to Sydney where I worked for the NSW Department of Corrective Services for a few years conducting research and running drug & alcohol and education programs.

A trip back to the UK, Greece and to Sri Lanka and the death of my father in 1988 led me to give up this work and do some serious soul searching.

I undertook some career coaching and affirmed that my talents and passions lay in the areas of training, consulting, coaching and counselling. These were all things that I had experience of in previous roles.

After putting myself through some rigorous training and education, in 1989 I started my consultancy offering group facilitation, training, coaching and counselling. I worked with local, state and federal government agencies, non-government organisations and a variety of private sector companies and private individuals.

Using my coaching skills and expertise, I have helped many hundreds of people to achieve their life, professional & career goals and I am fortunate enough to be living and working my passion by facilitating transformation in others.

I do believe in work/life balance and love comedy, watching it and performing it, creative writing, learning Greek & visiting there when I can, exercising and enjoying people.

My education and professional development has focused mostly on how to understand people and bring out the best in them. I have been coaching  for 20 years and continue to develop as a coach. My approach is said to be caring with a bit of  ‘tough love’ thrown in!

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