Outplacement Services and Assistance

Outplacement programs for organisations and their employees.

Is your organisation retrenching staff and downsizing? Would you like to offer them some job search support? Do you want to assist them in finding alternative employment? If so, this outplacement program is for you and your organisation.

Outplacement Services

Our outplacement services provide individual support and guidance for staff members who are about to become redundant.

We have twenty plus years of experience of supporting employees from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds with the job search process. This includes entry level to mid-level staff, senior managers and executives.

Outplacement Assistance

We will provide your staff with career coaching and support to assist them in their job search so that they can present themselves in the best way possible to secure a new position.

Redundancy can be a challenging situation for employees and we are here to help them with their career outplacement to make it a positive experience.

Outplacement Program

Our Outplacement Program, which is suitable for all levels of employees, consists of five sessions:

Session One: Debrief Session

In this first session, we will discuss the experience of being made redundant and explore career options and choices to come up with a career goal to work on for the rest of the program

There will also be some pre work to debrief in this session.

Session Two: Resume Writing

What clients will take away:

  • A fully formed professional profile – a key aspect of their resume
  • At least one completed achievement statement (using the STAR Method – an easy step by step model which makes writing these statements simpler and easier)
  • A draft of a revamped resume with their chosen template, which will be reviewed by their coach prior to the next session.

Session Three: LinkedIn Profile

Using LinkedIn templates, the client’s new resume, and working within LinkedIn’s best-practice guidelines, they will build their LinkedIn profile and start working on building those vital connections.

Takeaways from this session include:

  • A completed, key-word rich professional profile summary
  • A LinkedIn template
  • An understanding of how LinkedIn can work for the client

Session Four: Interview Skills

Using real life interview questions, relating to a specific job or a sample job supplied by the client, we will practise interview skills. They will receive in depth feedback on their answers, their body language, their voice and presentation.

Takeaways from this session include:

  • Answers to the most commonly asked interview questions
  • Greater self-confidence with interviews
  • Professional feedback on their interview techniques with suggestions for improvement

Session Five: Networking, Tapping the Hidden Job Market and Cover Letters

  • The dos and don’ts of networking?
  • How do clients sell themselves?
  • Are they an introvert or an extravert?
  • What is the “hidden job market” and how do they tap into it?
  • What is an elevator pitch and why do they need one?
  • How to write an engaging cover letter
  • Addressing selection criteria
  • Writing an effective ‘elevator pitch’
  • Action planning for the next steps and wrap up of program.

Once we have discussed the results of the client’s personality test and the impact this will have on their networking style, they will learn how to network using LinkedIn and other strategies.  We will also cover how to tap the “hidden job market”, reaching out to current and new connections,and practising networking and creating an ‘elevator pitch’.  We will deal with cover letters and how to address selection criteria.

This program is provided at our Sydney office in Neutral Bay or by phone, remotely or over VOIP.

There will be pre work provided and in between session activities to complete to prepare for the next session.

Employees are able to contact us outside session times for help and support. Support is provided after the program is completed by way of brief phone calls and emails.

Outplacement Program Costs

The fee for the program is $1,500.00.This is payable in advance and a receipt provided. One-off sessions for any of these services as stand-alone sessions can be provided for $300 per hour.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Executive coaching services are also available for your staff  if they would like to:

  • Manage and lead more effectively in times of change and ambiguity
  • Climb the corporate ladder with integrity
  • Become an even more effective leader so that people want to follow
  • Delegate more effectively and enhance time management
  • Manage poor performance
  • Improve their coaching skills to develop and empower others
  • Deal more effectively with difficult people and/or situations
  • Communicate more effectively and assertively
  • Overcome roadblocks, interpersonal issues or motivation issues to ensure your success as a leader …

Executive Coaching Programs

We start with a ‘fact finding’ session where we conduct a needs analysis to uncover the client’s goals. Clients then commit to work with us for a period of three to six months of coaching for optimum results. This can be shorter for an urgent focused need or longer for those who need more coaching support and sustained behavioural change.

Executive coaching can be conducted face to face, via phone or VOIP and supported by email to suit the coachee’s agenda. Coaching sessions are one to one and a half hour’s duration with no limit to the frequency of coaching meetings and calls.

We agree coaching goals and objectives early in the process so that the coachee is looking forward to an envisioned future, not back to what they might have done. Coachee’s agendas typically include how to meet short term goals, achieve long term aspirations, conquer today’s challenge, generate tomorrow’s strategic opportunity, manage their time in and out of work, do their current job better and prepare for their next role. Progress and achievement are reviewed periodically throughout the coaching period.

Different coachees in different situations have different needs and we tailor our approach accordingly. Sometimes we recommend that a coachee gain additional data to inform the coaching via feedback from colleagues or by using psychometric profiles. Our coachees usually ask us to obtain this on their behalf and we have a number of tools to draw upon.

For providing 360-degree feedback to coaching clients we use the Human Synergistics’ Leadership Styles Inventory, and The Leadership Circle Profile.

All of our coaching is confidential unless a third party is involved and then sharing of information may be negotiated on a case by case basis. All coachees’ data is totally secure with us.

Executive coaching fees

Coaching sessions are invoiced at $300 per hour and are payable monthly in arrears.

For more information and bookings, please contact Tina Monk:

All enquiries will be treated in confidence.

About Tina Monk, your outplacement provider.

For over twenty years, I have used my coaching skills and expertise, helping thousands of people to achieve their life, professional & career goals and I am fortunate enough to be living and working my passion by facilitating positive change in others.

My education and professional development have focused mostly on how to understand people and bring out the best in them. My coaching approach is said to be warm and caring with a bit of ‘tough love’ thrown in!

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