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Tina Monk is a highly experienced outplacement provider based in Sydney. Face-to-face and virtual outplacement assistance is available.

What are outplacement services?

Our outplacement services support companies and their employees to transition smoothly during the redundancy process. The goal of our outplacement programs is to assist these employees in finding new employment opportunities as quickly as possible. 

Outplacement assistance provided may include:

  • Career counseling: We provide guidance to employees relating to career options, resume writing, interview preparation, and job search strategies.
  • Skills assessment: We assist employees to identify their strengths, skills, and areas for development so they can better target suitable job opportunities.
  • Job search assistance: We offer access to job listings, networking opportunities, and recruitment contacts to facilitate the job search process.
  • Training and development: We provide access to training programs or workshops to enhance employability and acquire new skills if necessary.
  • Emotional support: We offer counseling or support groups to help employees cope with the emotional impact of losing their job.

Why companies should offer outplacement assistance

Outplacement services are typically offered by companies as part of their severance packages to demonstrate a commitment to supporting the transition of their staff to new employment opportunities.

Outplacement programs can vary in scope and duration depending upon the resources of the company and the needs of their employees.

Meet Tina Monk, your career transition provider.

For over twenty years, I have used my coaching skills and expertise, helping thousands of people to achieve their life, professional & career goals and I am fortunate enough to be living and working my passion by facilitating positive change in others.

My education and professional development have focused mostly on how to understand people and bring out the best in them. My coaching approach is said to be warm and caring with a bit of ‘tough love’ thrown in!

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