How Our Executive Coaching Services Can Help You Become a Better Version of Yourself?

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The quest for development and continual learning never stops – not even for great leaders. Read on to discover how Sydney Executive Coach, Tina Monk, can help you refine your leadership skills.

Whether you are just starting on a career path or looking to make a jump to an important role, refining your leadership skills benefits everyone. People at the top of the ladder too can benefit from leadership assessments and skills that can be a win for them and the organisation. This is where executive coaching comes in.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is an enquiry-based approach involving psychological skills and methodologies to help an individual become a more effective leader or manager. An executive coach helps build confidence, challenges thinking and stimulates the creativity of a leader to enhance their skills as a leader.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

In the past, many organisations were sceptical about introducing executive coaching for their senior managers/leaders. But, today organisations are embracing it as the way to a more enriched workplace. If you, as a leader, opt for executive coaching with a real willingness and open mind to grow, here are some benefits you can reap:

  • Self-Awareness

Self-awareness acts as a catalyst for growth. This is one of the main areas executive coaching focuses on to help executives understand themselves better and gain insight into how their actions can impact others.

  • Seeing Others Clearly

Apart from taking you on the path of self-awareness, executive coaching helps you to recognise and perceive others in the organisation in a different way. This helps you manage and lead others more effectively once you understand what makes people tick.

Boost in Cognition

One of the key aspects of emotional intelligence is to understand the perspectives of all those involved in a situation. An executive coach helps you see different possibilities and consider viewpoints on many situations for a flexible mindset which helps improve relationships.

  • Leveraging Strengths

An executive coach helps you see your existing strengths that you may not see yourself. They help you see the uniqueness in your capabilities and leverage these for the benefit of the team or the entire organisation. The process brings about a shift in insight and perceptions to challenge and ultimately change you for the better.

  • Building Productive Relationships

Often, leaders build relationships only with certain kinds of people who they perceive are as strong as themselves. This dramatically limits their effectiveness and reduces the possibilities of creating vital relationships with a wider variety of people. With executive coaching, a good coach will have neutral perceptions and help you build a well-rounded team.

How We Do It?

We at Sydney Career Coaching use various tools and methodologies such as psychological assessments or 360-degree feedback tools to guide the coaching relationship. We also draw on perspectives gained from our experience in coaching executives over the past twenty plus years and other effective leadership practices.

The two main tools we use to develop potential, improve performance and enhance management and leadership skills are:

  • Human Synergistics’ Leadership Styles Inventory

This 360 degree feedback tool helps individuals discover new ways of behaving and thinking. It uses your own perception and others’ feedback to understand ways of thinking and how this drives certain behavioural styles. The model then helps leaders to identify areas of strength, unrecognised strengths, areas of improvement or other blind spots.

  • The Leadership Circle Profile

This instrument focuses on the two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies; thereby supporting leaders in developing greater self-awareness of their challenges and strengths. The process is extremely useful in helping them identify and fill the gap between their self-perception and how others see them. The Leadership Circle Profile ultimately increases the inner awareness that affects the outward behaviour of a leader.

If you are an aspiring leader or an executive manager who wants to do better at your current job or prepare for the next role, we are here for you. We can help you tap your full potential by working on your growth areas with you.

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Take advantage of our complimentary career coaching session to determine whether coaching is for you.  We provide career coaching advice throughout Australia via remotely, telephone and in person at Neutral Bay on Sydney’s North Shore.


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Tina Monk, Executive Coach Sydney

Sydney executive coach and career advisor, Tina Monk’s education and professional development has focused mostly on how to understand people and bring out the best in them. Tina has been offering executive coaching services for 20 years and continues to develop as a career advisor. Her approach is said to be caring with a bit of  ‘tough love’ thrown in!  Call or text Tina directly at 0413 000 010.

During these challenging times, we don’t need more fear, we need more hope and support.  If you are afraid of losing your job or have lost it, Tina can help you to future proof your career or help with your job search.  She can work with you remotely and is offering discounts on her fees during this time.