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career outplacement services

Our employee outplacement service is a program designed to give consultation, advice and strategic guidance to individuals in the middle of a career change or those transitioning from one job to another.

Changing careers and transitioning to new jobs can be a stressful experience where most individuals feel vulnerable and unprepared to meet the challenges and inherent risks that come with the change.

Developing and providing means of support, mentorship and guidance in times like these can mean better results, more motivation and a better outlook for the future. Outplacement Services provided by a company can fulfil these requirements in a structured and personalised manner that consider the unique situation of each individual and work towards creating the best strategy for their requirements.

What is a career or employee outplacement service? 

An employee outplacement service is a program designed to give consultation, advice and strategic guidance to individuals in the middle of a career change or those transitioning from one job to another. The purpose of these consultancy services and programs is to give individuals a roadmap that is designed with their needs in mind to help them adjust to new roles or find better roles in their industry in the future. These services involve help with resume building, job searching, interview preparation as well as psychological counselling to help cope with the stress and demands of their present situation.

The benefits of an outplacement service

An outplacement service has benefits for both the company and the employee. With regards to the company, the program delivers a way to help employees find their place comfortably in the case of job loss, downsizing or resignation for any reason. This way, the company does not leave its employees stranded in the middle of a tough situation, but rather actively helps their employees adjust, respond and benefit from adverse scenarios and job changes.

A positive brand image for companies

It also helps the company create a positive brand image amongst its clients, stakeholders and all existing employees and allows the company to deliver a proactive approach that not only helps the staff cope with the inherent stress of the change, but also protects the companies reputation. In the long run, the company can discard the negative associations that people may build up in adverse situations and helps the organization work towards more growth and optimisation in the future.

Guides employees, providing them with the tools and resources

For the employee, the services provide a framework that can guide the individual towards a new job role or employment by providing them with all the tools and resources they need to make things work. This not only reduces the mental strain and burden on the individual but also contributes positively to their future success by helping the individual find the right roles and opportunities and to respond to them with complete preparation.

What does an employee outplacement service consist of?

An outplacement service usually follows a comprehensive step-by-step program of counselling and support paired with concrete actions such as skill development in terms of resume building, job searching, application and interview preparation and strategies for interim placement of candidates.

These services may include:

  • Resume Writing Guidance
  • Social Profile or LinkedIn Account Optimisation or Creation
  • Interview Skills Development
  • Networking and Collaboration Skills
  • Cover Letters and Outreach Skills
  • Mentoring and Career & Psychological Counselling
  • Strategy and Action-Plan Development
  • …and much more.

These services combine to equip individuals with the most valuable set of skills, resources and strategies in order to achieve their goals and objectives for the future.

At Sydney Career Coaching, we take each of these aspects and optimise them for the best results and most prominent growth for everyone. Tailor-made strategies combined with a successful portfolio gives us the edge to deliver premier services for any industry, profession or skill set.

Our career coaches can help people of all ages and stages of life who need help with finding a job and are struggling to do it alone.

Complimentary career coaching introduction

Take advantage of our complimentary career coaching session to determine whether coaching is for you.  We provide career coaching advice throughout Australia via remotely, over the telephone and in person at Neutral Bay on Sydney’s North Shore.



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Tina Monk, Sydney Outplacement Expert

Sydney career coach and job advisor, Tina Monk’s education and professional development has focused mostly on how to understand people and bring out the best in them. Tina has been coaching for 20 years and continues to develop as a coach. Her approach is said to be caring with a bit of  ‘tough love’ thrown in! Call or text Tina direct on 0413 000 010.

During these challenging times, we don’t need more fear, we need more hope and support.  If you are afraid of losing your job or have lost it, Tina can help you to future proof your career or help with your job search.  She can work with you remotely and is offering discounts on her fees during this time.