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05 May

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Financial coaching Sydney.

Are you hopeless with money? Did you know that a financial coach can help you change your thought process and give you the tools and resources to save money.

Money can be such an emotive issue that it isn’t surprising many of us shy away from dealing with it. We don’t create, much less stick to a budget; we don’t plan for the future; or we don’t set financial goals at all. And then there is maximising your superannuation and minimising your tax. Not surprising that we keep our heads in the sand!

There is a theory that we can have three negative emotional responses to money:

  • worry either about not having it, often not based on facts, or worry about having it
  • self sabotage, spending more than we earn or spending to make ourselves feel     better when we are broke
  • guilt about having money when others don’t.

While your financial advisor is there to help you with managing your money and making sound investments to make your money work for you, what life coaching can do for you is help you get clear on your relationship with money.

Money awareness through financial coaching

Money awareness is the first step to financial freedom, as you need to know the truth about your money before making any decisions.

There are several powerful steps that a personal coach can take you through to prepare you for working with your financial advisor, A coach can assist you to clarify your values so that your financial decisions are aligned with these and with your other life aspirations.

What does a financial coach do?

A financial coach will help you set inspirational goals in your life, which often include a financial goal or a goal that depends upon having a certain amount of money. Just setting the goal is exciting for many as they have never done it before and it gives them a spark. It is about starting to take charge of your own life, creating your own direction and taking action to get there.

Personal coaching provides people with the tools to create strategies and action plans for their financial goals to ensure that they achieve them. It will also help them to look at any patterns of behaviour or habits that could have inhibited their success in the past and help them embed new, more effective behaviours.

If you are one of the many people who have never been able to stick to a budget before, maybe it’s worth thinking about life coaching and how to change that behaviour forever. It may not be easy but with your commitment and a coach’s support, it can be done and the rewards are great.

Personal coaching is an incredibly powerful tool and many coaching clients have not just changed, but have transformed as a result of the coaching process. Some have achieved things that they would never have thought possible.

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