6 ways to be more effective at work

tips to work more effectively

Improving your performance at work to get a promotion.

Rev up your work engine to earn that promotion – here are six steps to working better at your job

Things are going well at work – so seize the opportunity to stockpile for the challenges ahead.

1. Set New Challenges
Having challenging work goals for the year gets you pumped up. Set your targets, then decide how you will see them through. Make a detailed list of your previous year’s successes to help you feel more confident about achieving them, says Tina Monk, a professional development coach from Sydney Career Coaching in Australia.

2. Get Your Priorities Right
Prioritise the most important tasks and work ahead so you’re better prepared to deal with the bumps, especially during busy periods. Tina suggests discussing plans with your staff and/or boss, to get everybody on the same page. “Don’t be afraid to say no to things that may take you away from accomplishing what needs to be done,” she adds.

3. Be Proactive, Not Reactive
A work plan keeps you from getting caught up in “reactive mode” – where you spend all your time on what’s urgent instead of focusing on your goals and priorities. For an extra edge, Tina advises taking the initiative to follow up on long-term projects regularly, so that you and your team won’t be scrambling at the eleventh hour.

4. Stockpile Work
Life strategist Shannah Kennedy, author of Simplify, Structure, Succeed – The Practical Toolkit for Modern Life, suggests using quiet periods throughout the year to build a work cache that you can “dip into” when things get hectic. This will save you time and give you greater control. Think about where you can get important resources – such as inventory, leads and contacts – ready for when you need them.

5. Streamline Your Work System
Many people don’t make good enough use of lull periods at work, says Shannah. These times are ideal for decluttering, organising and following up on e-mails, filing paperwork, updating databases, setting up appointments, organising meetings, and other tasks that ensure your work processes run smoothly.

6. Stay Energised
It’s hard to feel fired up when you’re tired or distracted. Shannah and Tina say getting enough rest is crucial to prevent burnout. “Take mini breaks to keep your energy levels up,” advises Tina. “Research shows that short breaks keep us more motivated than longer holidays. Have a good work-life balance, and do something for yourself regularly.”

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