The impact of digitalisation on workplaces and jobs of the future

how digitalisation is impacting jobs
There is one question that we all have in mind – will all of these new technologies put me out of a job? Sydney Career and Life Coach, Tina Monk, discussed how digitisation has touched all industries and will affect jobs of the future.

One certain thing is that the digitalisation of workplaces is already here. Technology has left no industry untouched in the world with its wave of digital transformation. The world has entered into the digital age, and technology has touched every part of human life, whether it is business, communication, travel, health, or education.

New technologies are reshaping economies

The workplace has changed considerably over the past few centuries. New technologies and new ways of working are transforming the nature of work and—over time—reshaping the Australian and global economies.

While the pace and significance of change varies from industry to industry, in each sector there are fundamental changes underway. These changes are in the way organisations engage with their customers, the way they develop and deliver products and services, as well as how they plan and shape their future workforces.

To meet employees’ needs and face up to inevitable technological change, we need digitalisation and progress – so what can we expect the next few years at work to look like?

Digitisation vs. Digitalisation

Digitisation is the act of converting something physical to something digital. In an office environment, this could be as simple as scanning a printed document and storing it on the company’s network. Digitisation has made communication faster and easier and opened up new channels for information. Digitisation is doing what you have always done, but using technology to make it more efficient.

On the other hand, digitalisation is the act of changing business processes through the use of digital technology. The key purpose of digitalisation is not just to “go digital”, but to add more value or opportunity to the business through modern means.

Is digitisation synonymous with job losses?

Workplace automation and digitisation are often thought of as a negative occurrence, as for some it is synonymous with job losses. However, not only are there numerous benefits brought about by new technologies, but also more jobs are expected to be created than replaced by digitisation and automation.

People will need to be creative to be able to take advantage of the wide variety of new technologies, a new way of working and new products. Robots will be able to help us with physically demanding work or faster processes, but not with creativity, nor by coming up with new ideas. Emotional intelligence, decisiveness, and critical thinking will be important human qualities that we will particularly need in the future, and which machines will be unable to replace.

Employees need to proactively develop their digital skills

Australian employers should be more proactive in developing digital skills for their current and future recruits to maintain productivity and competitiveness in the rapidly changing digital economy.

The key attributes to prevail in the workplace today and in the future are openness, curiosity, flexibility and the ability to work in teams. Radical new ways of thinking are becoming increasingly important alongside digital skills. To hone these new skills, employees need support from the education system, employers and the government, in the form of further training, infrastructure and appropriate frameworks, for instance.

The types of jobs that are being created are not the same as those that are disappearing, and the workers may not be those benefitting from job opportunities in expanding businesses.

To succeed in the digital world of work, people need digital skills, social and emotional skills, job-specific skills and importantly the ability and motivation to cope with change and keep learning, both in and out of the workplace.

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