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How to deal with toxic co-workers

06 November
dealing with toxic co workers

How to remain professional when you working with annoying co-workers. I was recently contacted by Pedestrian TV for my professional advice on how to deal with toxic and annoying co-workers. Below are a summary of the seven types of toxic co-workers and how to deal with them. The Noisy Co-worker In today’s open plan offices, […]

Making a career change (at any age)

06 November
making a career change

What to do when you realise you need a career change. I was recently interviewed by Kassia Byrnes from the Pedestrian TV website for an article about how to make a career change at any age – particularly the older you are. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to choose the right career path as […]

KA-BOOM: Dealing with workplace conflict

02 November
conflict at work

Workplace conflict – improve your career by dealing well with conflict. Last night’s Celebrity Apprentice episode had PR queens Roxy Jacenko and Prue MacSween at each other’s throats over a challenge to produce a web campaign for Heinz soup. It began innocently enough, with Roxy appointed director of the video, and Prue as writer and […]