Using LinkedIn for Job Seeking

12 September

How to use LinkedIn for job-seeking

How to use LinkedIn to improve your job search: A great profile is not enough!

Looking for a new job? LinkedIn is a GREAT place to start! LinkedIn is the top professional social networking site with over 500 million users and more than 10 million active job listings. It’s the most important resource for professional networking, with 87% of recruiters usingLinkedIn to post job listings and also to reach out to potential candidates. But, how do you create a strong profile and how can you build effective relationships to get your dream job?

Complete and keep your profile up to date

The more complete your LinkedIn profile, the greater your chances of being contacted by a recruiter. Use your LinkedIn profile as a resume: update your profile picture and add skills and experiences. Keep in mind that using your profile as a resume might not be enough.  You must create catchy headlines, add links – boost your profile!

Build your network

It’s easy to connect with people you know by importing contacts. It’s essential to your job search campaign to build a targeted network. The more connections you have, the greater your chances offindingsomeone who can help. You can connect with former colleagues, industry peers, decision makers and influencers. The objective is to establish and/or maintain relationships with the right people!

What is a meaningful LinkedIn connection?

A useful, lasting connection is one that creates value for both parties and adds professional value on some level. It can help find the dream job you are looking for, provide advice for your career, or even give you access to potential clients. You should focus on quality, not quantity and start building connections with people you already know. Building connections will take time and effort, however the rewards are well worth the costs.

Research the companies you’re interested and learn about employers

LinkedIn company profiles are a good way to find the information you need about a company you are interested in. You can see their past, current and future projects, new hires, promotions, job listings and related companies. Also, you can have insight into a company’s culture: events, goals they set for their employees and how they intend to achieve them. You should follow the companies you are interested in on LinkedIn, this will help you stay informed about recent news and new positions they might offer.


Groups exist on LinkedIn to help you with your job search. You can join up to 100 groups at one time, groups based on skill set, location, industry, hobbies etc. Each group has its own menu structure and it’s a good way to expand your network and possibly start a conversation with someone connected to the organisations you want to work for in the future.

How to get endorsements on LinkedIn

LinkedIn endorsements can be a huge help when it comes to job-seeking. This is a simple way to recognise your expertise in a specific field with one click. These simple endorsements can enhance your profile and elevate your profile over thousands of other people for the same career path as you. You must list your relevant skills and endorse the correct talents. To ask for endorsements on LinkedIn you must personalise your requests.

Avoid overused buzzwords in your profile

Not only for your resume, but also for your LinkedIn profile, word choice is extremely important! You need to use relevant keywords, not sentences with only buzzwords (such as passionate, creative, motivated, expert, strategic, skilled, focused etc.). The words you’re using and how you use them is really important. Keep in mind that showing is better than telling!

How to get in contact with a recruiter?

Reaching out to recruiters is a great way to stand out, but you must do it right! First, you must be sure that you have the right personto contact. You can find thisperson by researching the company you are interested in on LinkedIn.  You can get in touch with the recruiter and send your resume. But what happens afterwards? Stay in touch by keeping a relaxed conversation, be the friendly and knowledgeable person who is always there and ready to help. Be the person every company wants to hire. Contacting recruiters on LinkedIn seems difficult, but if you stay professional and friendly during the process, you might end up with your dream job.

Go beyond LinkedIn

A great profile and a strong network on LinkedIn is not enough! Building a meaningful professional relationship with your connections online might not be sufficient. You must go beyond LinkedIn and reach out to them in a personal way.

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